A Cut above the Rest: What makes black diamond engagement rings so perfect?

A Cut above the Rest: What makes black diamond engagement rings so perfect?

A Cut above the Rest: What makes black diamond engagement rings so perfect?

Clearer than crystal, sparkling and stunning, diamonds are forever. They’re one of the toughest minerals on our planet, and by far the most beautiful. People began using diamonds for engagement rings as far back as the 1400s. But now, after centuries of pricing the iridescent perfection of these classic clear diamonds, people are beginning to see the beauty of these colored diamonds. The most illustrious of which are the infamous black diamonds.


Historically, black diamonds haven’t been valued in jewelry at all. It wasn’t until the late 20th century that jewelry designers started using them to challenge the norms. Until then, they were only considered valuable in commercial or industrial uses. They really began to get the attention they deserved in recent years, in large part for the reference made to them in the hit TV series Sex in the City 2 that came out in 2010.

How do black diamond engagement rings get their color?

When you think of diamonds, you think of the clear and stunning pieces of jewelry on famous movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Loren. There are a variety of colors that a diamond can come in, from yellow to green, gray to black, and blue to cognac. These colored diamonds get their colors from the inclusion of other minerals when the diamond was being formed. Black diamonds are formed from the inclusions of graphite and iron clusters that absorb light and make them appear black.


Because of the iron and graphite inclusions, a black diamond doesn’t refract light in the same way that other diamonds do. The iron and graphite absorbs the light and gives the diamond an opaque quality that you won’t find in other diamonds.


These inclusions also make it harder to cut and form a diamond-worthy stone, which is why they hadn’t been considered valuable until lately except for industrial purposes.



How black diamonds are formed?

Diamonds themselves are highly organized carbon molecules. Organically formed, a diamond are created in the bowels of the Earth, using pure carbon and temperatures up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then rises very quickly back to the surface to cool. While they’re being formed other elements and minerals can make their way in, leading to the colored diamonds like our black diamond.


Synthetically formed black diamonds are created using the same process, just with modern technology ins

tead. A fun fact, when synthetic diamonds are created in a lab, a black diamond is made out of the same material that we use to write with every day, a number 2 pencil, which is pure carbon.


Organic black diamonds are treated in a similar way that the synthetic diamonds are. Most black diamonds are very inconsistent in their color and not very vibrant when they first come out of the Earth. Once they’re treated with a high heat system, the diamond is changed to create a much more vibrant black stone.

Black diamond engagement rings: perfect for who?

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - Carats & Stones

Any woman can wear a white diamond, it’s a birthright! Diamonds are timeless and classic and compliment anyone that wears them. It’s the cut and style of the engagement ring diamond that sets each apart from the other and compliments the unique person wearing it.


Black diamonds are a different animal entirely and a complete game changer. Black diamond engagement rings are a statement piece as much as they’re an accessory. Black diamonds are a delicate balance between individual style and the classic and timeless elegance of a traditional engagement ring.


A quick guide to black diamond engagement ring cuts:

Black diamonds come in every cut that a diamond can come although the classic cuts, such as the princess, round, oval, and pear, are probably the best for a black diamond engagement ring.


Princess cut black diamond engagement rings are perfect for that blend of the traditional and the radical that black diamonds are famous for. A princess cut was originally created to maximize the brilliance and reflective qualities of the diamond, but with a black diamond it becomes more like a vortex that absorbs all the light. Creating that beautiful and unique look out of a traditionally stunning diamond cut.


A few suggestions for black diamond engagement ring metals:

Traditional wedding rings and bands are of yellow gold however, if you’re already bending traditions with the black diamond engagement ring, why not bend the color of the band that compliments the spectacular princess cut black diamond ring?


Rose gold is a warmer kind of gold that is very popular with both white and black diam


ond rings. It has all the beauty and vibrancy of the standard yellow gold engagement rings, but the warmth of a rose gold black diamond engagement ring is particularly stunning on anyone.


If you’re looking for the edgier end of things with a bit more high contrast, a white gold black diamond engagement ring is something to behold. The contrast of the white gold will make the black diamond stand out in a way in which a gold band won’t be able to achieve.

Myths and legends about black diamond engagement rings:

Black diamonds are controversial pieces of jewelry according to history and many a superstition accompanies it. In India, a black diamond engagement ring would be subject to heavy superstitions and is believed to be cursed. A black diamond looks like the eye of a snake or “spider eyes” which are dangerous.


However, in another part of the world, there’s a superstition in Italy that a married couple who are in turmoil will have all their problems sucked away when they come into contact with the black diamond. So a black diamond engagement ring in an Italian family would be the perfect ring for future happiness.


The lucky black diamond:

 Black Diamond - Carats & Stones


The Korloff Noir diamond, one of the world’s largest known black diamonds, is an extravagant diamond with a history nobody can quite agree on. According to legend, the Korloff diamond brings happiness, luck, and prosperity to any person who has the privilege of touching it.

That’s nothing to say for those who are lucky enough to own it!


Black diamond engagement rings aren’t breaking any of the traditions we’ve adopted about engagements and weddings. At most, they bend them, letting the traditions evolve and adjust themselves to the world without betraying them. They’re a bit edgy, pushing the boundaries of tradition, but they’re also chic, mysterious, and incredibly cool. They may be trendy, but it’s a trend that’s not likely to fall out of fashion anytime soon. If you’re looking for a timeless but cool ring to compliment you, then a black diamond engagement ring is perfect for you.


At Carats and Stones we treasure black diamonds and would love the opportunity to help you design your own unique custom black diamond engagement ring, the ring of your dreams. Call us at (415) 875-9438 or book your own private jewelry consultation. Even better, when you are in the area, stop by our Union Street store, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea while learning more about our selection of black diamond engagement rings and how to turn a timeless tradition into a timeless statement.





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