Best Retirement Gifts for Men

Best Retirement Gifts for Men

Best Retirement Gifts for Men

“Dear Linda, a co-worker will be retiring in the next three months and I was hoping you have some ideas on what to consider as a retirement gift for him. We have worked together for the last 10 years and he has been a mentor to me.”

At Carats and Stones we receive questions like these almost every day. In this blog we want to give you some guidance and also ask you to mention in the comment section below if you have any other ideas.

First, let’s be very clear about it, there are many good retirement gifts for men out there, but you want to make sure you get the one that is perfect for your colleague. Remember, there’s more than just one option available. And, though this is very difficult to do, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before you go shopping. Take a moment to think about him as a person, a colleague, your mentor, and a dear friend. This way you get to identify a gift that you know will have real meaning to him. Here are a few retirement gift suggestions for men:


1. Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches - Carats & Stones



A luxury watch is essential to a man’s wardrobe and a favorite male retirement gift. The right watch will complement just about every look and has a classic appeal of its own. To make this gift even more special, consider having it engraved with his name and the year of his retirement. When choosing the perfect watch for him, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration including the casing, glass, and display size.


Watch casings usually comes in alloy or stainless steel. If you’re shopping for quality, it would be smart not to consider anything less than stainless steel. The glass is also a crucial factor in choosing the perfect watch. Be sure to look for a watch with a sapphire scratch resistant glass which will help protect the watch and give it a glimmering display. Display size mostly depends on personal preference, but 40mm is recommended.


2. Cuff links

Cuff Links - Carats & Stones


Cuff links are the perfect accessory for topping off an outfit whether its formal or casual and is considered by many as great retirement gifts for men. When selecting a pair of cuff links, its important to be aware of his closure type. This will affect the fitting of his shirtsleeves as well as the overall appearance.


The most common type is the “bullet back and toggle” and is also the most secure and easy to fasten. The “bullet”, a small metal cylinder, is suspended between two posts and is turned ninety degrees to fasten. Other types including “ball return” provide a looser fitting and is simply slipped through the buttonhole via its fixed back. The most traditional closure is the chain cuff link which is usually comprised of two rectangular pieces of metal that are suspended between a thread of chain.


The formality of each cuff link varies depending on the material and pattern of the ornamental discs. The main determinant of its formality is the material. Precious stone cuff links such as diamonds, opals, and rubies are typically used for formal events. However, simple gold and silver cuff links are also acceptable for formal occasions. Titanium, enamel, or glass are more casual designs. Silk and fabric cuff links are usually reserved for informal events.


A well-made cuff link should have an uncomplicated design and add a sense of formality to his outfit. The most versatile cuff links are made of gold, platinum, glass, and titanium. It’s also important to avoid novelty cuff links, as they are unlikely to get used very often. You don’t won’t to buy a gift that will spend most of its time sitting in a box.


3. Custom Designed Rings

Custom Designed Rings San Francisco - Carats & Stones

At Carats and Stones we specialize in custom designed rings and therefore it’s no surprise that it is our favorite retirement gift for men. There are so many options available that we will have no difficulty designing and crafting a ring that perfectly match the personality of the retiring gentleman.


When choosing a ring, one of the first criteria to consider is his style. Think about what he likes doing and the kind of clothing and accessories he usually wears. Also consider the type of sports he still participates in, the social events he loves to attend, and the hobbies he maintains. This should give you some idea of the kind of ring that would complement him the best. Do you think he would prefer something classic, modern, glamorous, subtle, or perhaps a combination? You should be able to tell from all your interactions and his current accessories where his taste lies.

Another factor you will have to consider is his ring size. Sometimes it can be tricky figuring out his size without asking, especially if you want the gift to be a surprise. However, if he already owns a ring, you can use it to determine what size he wears. We believe you are creative enough to figure this one out.


Last, don’t forget that most rings can be resized, so even if you don’t get the size or style right, it’s still not all lost.


4. I.D. Bracelets


If you know his style, a bracelet might be an option to consider. Most come with a straightforward design, but you can always jazz it up a bit if you think it would meet his preference. An I.D. bracelet comes with a small, blank plate made mostly out of titanium, steel, platinum, gold, silver, or tungsten and thus allows you to choose a design that matches his personal style.


And yes, the blank plate is the perfect place to add an engraving. This engraving can be a personal message from you or his name, professional career, or year of retirement. The plate is attached to either chain, leather, or rubber. With a chain, you have the option between gold and silver. If you know his preference, this may be an easy option.


5. Dog Tags

Dog Tags - Carats & Stones



Dog tags are something different and we have seen it resurface in recent years. This is also something that depends mainly on his style. If he’s a more classy, formal type of guy this might not be the best option for you. However, if you think this may be a good retirement gift note that dog tags come in a variety of designs and materials - you can even get them studded with precious gems. Perhaps even throw in his birthstone to give it a little splash of color. Remember, the main advantage of choosing a dog tag is that it leaves plenty of room for an engraving. A uniquely designed dog tag, engraved with a personal message, may just be the retirement gift to show your appreciation.


There you have it. These five retirement gifts for men are very different but maybe the best retirement gifts for you to consider. Do you have a few questions? Then please connect with us at (415) 875-9438 or set up your own private jewelry consultation.






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