Designing a Custom Ring - How Far Can You Go… and Can You Go Too Far?

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Unless you are Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, or one of the Kardashians, there are limits to jewelry. Obviously, budget isn’t one of them for any of the aforementioned. For the greater balance of jewelry customers, however, price is the most important factor to consider before diving into the sparkling waters of possibilities with stones, gold, and their accoutrements.


This is especially true with custom engagement and wedding rings, where sometimes your emotions can outrun your paycheck.


Right next to budget on the list of priorities should be the look. Very few outside of the celebrity circle can pull off a countenance matching the gaudiness of their bling without risking obnoxiousness. Even Karl Lagerfield, the German creative director for Chanel and Fendi, strives to strike a balance or harmony in his choices of personal jewelry—despite his hundreds of millions of dollars.


So, if your heart is beating as quickly as a hummingbird’s wings over the newfound love of your life, you must take care to approach custom rings with a sense of balance and appropriateness when it comes to budget and appearance.


Don’t restrict yourself unnecessarily, but avoid going beyond the Liberace line just because you can. It’s true that makers of custom rings today can achieve the nearly impossible when it comes to customizing a ring, but most custom jewelry designers in San Francisco, like Carats and Stones, and elsewhere will tell you that part of their mastery includes creating a unique ring within a given budget.


The Budgeting Factor

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Let’s start on the budget matter by noting that you should first find a jeweler that you know will treat you and your pocketbook with the highest regard. Family and friends provide great sources for navigating toward the right jeweler. Also, look for jewelers recognized by institutional jewelry associations, such as the Gemological Institute of America, Inc., especially if diamonds are involved (Of course, when are they not?).


Speaking of diamonds, did you know there are corners that can be cut to save a few bucks—and not just figuratively? Did you know that the luster and sharpness of a diamond depends more on its cut than any other factor? According to an online Bridal Guide magazine article, by sizing down a diamond only slightly you can save considerable cash. For instance, a 1.01-carat diamond can cost as much as 20 percent more than a .98-carat diamond when the cut is right. It’s all about the polish and symmetry, says Bridal Guide.


And don’t fret! A slight trimming down in carats will go unseen to the wearer, giver, or the ring’s admirers. So, it’s a win-win all the way around!


Furthermore, be careful to not stereotype custom rings when it comes to budget. Don’t presume they are all going to rival the cost of buying a new car. Custom jewelers, like our team at Carats and Stones, will be glad to walk you through your options once given your idea. In fact, at times a custom ring can be less expensive than one showcased beneath the jeweler’s glass display. Many customized rings can range from a few thousand bucks to nearly $20,000, depending on your taste. If you want the Lamborghini of rings, at forty or fifty big ones, you can go for it. Custom jewelers are always up to such a task.


Also, be aware that you might save some bucks by purchasing the e-ring (engagement) and the w-ring (wedding) from the same custom jeweler.


Want another great idea? You might also save on cost by using stones from a family heirloom, which also enhances the sentimental value of the ring. Designers can either extract the stone(s) or leave them intact while placing the original piece of jewelry on a new landscape, so to speak. The latter especially makes sense when sensitive family members show concern for completely transforming the precious heirloom.


Now on to the Look


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It’s all about them! As with buying his or her clothes, keep an eye on your mate’s or mate-to-be’s closet and dresser when deciding on a custom ring—all the way from shoes to belts and other jewelry. Pay attention to preferred colors, tones, shades, and hues.


Know where your lover hangs out and with whom. An outdoorsy person may feel more comfortable with a ring that blends more than it splashes, and one that emanates nature in some way. A professional whose evenings occasionally include occupationally centered events and dinners might lean toward a ring that speaks of stature, strength, and a pinch of pizzazz all at the same time.


If a particular activity or hobby predominates your perfect partner’s free time, try for a custom design that speaks to such passions. A custom ring designer can invoke athleticism in the design, a professorial eminence, or a design particular which speaks to a favorite place or sport.


When it comes to most men, one must be aware of overdoing the bling. Only you will know where to stop once you orient yourself to his heart and passions.


If you think your urge to splurge or overdo it is simply indefatigable, don’t underestimate the prudence of an experienced custom jeweler. At Carats and Stones, we can be your referee or lines judge in the heat of wide eyes and pounding heart moments.


Many custom jewelers like to start talking to a customer simply on the phone in order to begin understanding what the client wants. Custom ring designers want reference points that portray the recipient’s personal taste while also getting to know the giver of the ring. They invite images of the recipient and the couple, whether leisure or formal, at home or abroad. This instills the jeweler with enough knowledge and insight to tactfully ask the question when needed: “Are you sure this design and display will be just right?”


Like buying a house, you don’t want to rely solely on your instincts when designing the perfect custom ring for your partner. Be patient, do your recon, talk to others, and trust the sagacity of a respected custom ring designer.


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