Diamond Shapes and what's right for YOU.

Popular diamond shapes.

When we first meet with a potential client in our store looking for diamond rings, one of the first questions we will ask is "do you know what diamond shape you wold like for your ring?" Often times we get a blank look or that there a couple of choices. I often say rings are like a good pair of jeans...you have to try a lot on before you find the one that fits. There are however, a couple of factors you can examine when choosing the diamond shape for your ring.

Popular diamond shapes.

1. What shape are you most drawn to? Most of us have a shape we like to wear. Look at your jewelry and see if there is a pattern of a particular shape you like more then others. Do you wear round jewelry or more square? Do you like longer elements or shorter more clustered ones? It's usually a really good indication of what diamond cut you will be happy with when you do start ring shopping.


2. If you're not sure, go to a jewelry store and try on different shapes of diamonds. Very often, the shape you think is going to look good doesn't work for you as well as another one does.


3. A diamond ring is what we like to say is "A well loved piece of jewelry". Most ladies wear it everyday so make sure you love the shape of your diamond.


4. Trust your jeweler to help you with your choice. We carry in the store many shapes in Cubic Zirconia so you can try on different shapes and see what you like best. It's also a great way to see different settings.

5. The trends for the season always include round diamonds and we're seeing a trend toward oval and emerald cuts this year. These diamond shapes speak to the glamour of "Old Hollywood". They are elongated and allow a woman's finger to look longer as well.







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