Lost for Custom Jewelry Ideas for Him? Be a Sleuth and Know His Heart

Lost for Custom Jewelry Ideas for Him? Be a Sleuth and Know His Heart

Four words for the aimless when buying custom jewelry for him: Start from square one. When lost for ideas on customizing a piece of jewelry for your special man, start recounting the special moments you and he shared from the start of your relationship. Then, start peeking a little deeper into his wardrobe, and keep score of what he likes to wear—from pants, to socks, to belts, to ties, to shoes and even to his existing jewelry (e.g., rings, watches, neck chains, earrings, bands, bracelets, and cuff links). Once you’ve gathered your “intel,” you’re ready to get this mission started.


Designs Equate to Moments Shared

Designs Equate to Moments Shared


When you begin drawing mental images of the moments that really mattered as your relationship deepened, you can start to imagine some designs that speak only from you to him. Perhaps you two met on the water in some fashion—a scuba dive, a swim, on the boardwalk, at an aquarium, while paddle-boarding, or even at a beach party. Perhaps you both met on a stream while fly fishing. Or maybe it was a thrilling sky dive or an organized fun run. Whatever it was, it was a special memory only your two hearts share.


Romantic moments are never without landscapes, surroundings, or atmospheres. Recount the scenarios enveloping your special moments with him. A custom jeweler, like the experts at Carats and Stones, will gobble up all your input and begin drafting schematics based on those themes, activities, and places. Want to make your custom piece as meaningful as possible? It also helps tremendously if you share with your custom jewelry maker your man’s personality and passions. Think of your custom jeweler as your architect for the building of your dream home. You are nothing less than collaborators en route to your man’s heart.


Pay Close Attention to What He Wears

Custom Meteorite

Should it be gold, silver, or stones? Brashness or sophistication? Shine or matte? All of these questions may riddle you at the outset of your quest for the perfect custom jewelry design. But don’t let them. Instead, don your Sherlock Holmes top hat or his briar pipe, should it flatter—and gain some sneak peeks into his dresser drawers, closets, or other apparel enclaves.


What a man wants on him often relates directly to what he does for a living, as opined in a Psychology Today article. Your man may need to get his hands dirty for a living. In this instance, says the article, his wardrobe demands casual styles that must reflect his professionalism at the same time. Conversely, the wardrobe of a man whose hands are only sullied when a barista overfills his latte might be chock full of formal wear, ties, suits, and knee-high dress socks.


In other words, a man’s job or profession often dictates his taste and preference in apparel. This ties into jewelry. If manual tasks are often involved, you are not going to find a lot of men’s bracelets, dangling neck chains, or elaborate rings around his dresser. If you find some, you might notice how snugly they fit to his appendages or their low-profile appearance—jewelry that can withstand a little punishment or avoid it all together.


Count the number of pieces with gold and black as opposed to silver and pearl, eye-popping precious stones as opposed to opals and turquoise, for instance. Peel your eyes on his belts. Silver or gold buckles? Wide or slender? Browns or blacks? In terms of colors, same with his shoes. Choose a custom jewelry design that blends well with the majority of his other jewelry and attire, as you want your custom piece to complement him. Meanwhile, don’t ignore his casual attire. High necks or V-necks? Gym pants, surfer shorts, or Carhartt?


You want his custom jewelry to complement while also drawing notice. Increase the bands of gold on a bracelet if he is the low-profile yet stylish sort, rather than stacking it with cumbersome stones or garish accessory jewels that can snare while he’s in action. If he completely nixes bling, choose discreet placements of gold or stone on a leather or woven wrist-scape. Find the look for his bracelet as you would for a man’s watch in the past, when they were more de rigueur.


It Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science


Don’t overcomplicate. Enjoy the process because some of it is pretty simple. Gold rings match gold belt buckles or cufflinks; silver earrings match silver cufflinks and buckles on belts, shoes/boots, rings or bracelets; black goes exquisitely with formal wear and diamonds, which can well be justified in most any case when in measure to your man’s degree of flair and daring. No matter how uniquely your custom jewelry speaks to your man, it must match his countenance.





Don’t Tie Yourself (or Your Custom Jeweler) Into Knots


Remember that this process of finding custom jewelry made just for him should remain fun, adventurous, and meaningful all at the same time. Custom jewelry can be as complex as you want to make it, but it should not be so convoluted that its message is too. Stay on course with the sentiment or emotion you wish to evoke from your lover or mate.


Need an extra ounce of reassurance? According to another Psychology Today article, it helps to remember that whether a man, woman, or a proud member of the LGBT community, no one stands far apart in their desires as they relate to relationships: “acceptance for who they are, love, and positive reinforcement for what they do and for what they try to contribute.” Keeping this in mind will help you choose a custom jewelry design that hits the heart’s bullseye.


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