Selecting Men's Engagement Rings – From Wood to Metal

Selecting Men's Engagement Rings – From Wood to Metal

Selecting Men's Engagement Rings – From Wood to Metal

Selecting an engagement ring for men is widely misunderstood to be an easy process that doesn’t take up all that much time, thought or investment. The truth is, selecting a ring to commemorate your engagement is pretty tricky and since there are so many options now, it’s become all the more difficult to choose. Just like any part of the wedding, buying an engagement ring for the soon-to-be-groom is a well-planned activity. Here are some of the factors you should consider when you’re buying unique male engagement rings.


Consider the Metal

Most women want to surprise their significant other with an engagement ring. Therefore you need to be mindful of your partner’s preference when selecting the material for the ring – the more modern man may prefer a platinum engagement band while the more traditional man may prefer a gold engagement band. All that said, you are still the best judge of your partner’s taste and hence, keep his personality, style, and daily activities in mind when selecting the material for the ring.

  • Platinum

    Platinum is the rarest of all the precious metals you could choose, so there’s merit in selecting a ring made from it. It has a pure and white undertone to it - which is what makes it all the more attractive. On the plus side, it’s the strongest and most durable precious metal you can choose, and you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance or repairs either.

With a platinum ring, you’ll get a bright shine that never fades, and it doesn’t require rhodium plating to remain as stunning.

Platinum Eternity Band

  • Palladium

Palladium is somewhat similar to Platinum as it belongs to the same family of metals, but it’s much easier on your budget…. It’s a fairly new addition to the market, which means you’ll have a ring with an elegant shine that’s not as white as platinum, but rather a dark grey. But shine aside, it shares features with platinum, such as its hypoallergenic properties and resistance to corrosion.

  • White Gold

An alloy of precious yellow gold, white gold has a bright shine that’s similar to that of platinum. If you want to retain that attractive look, you’ll need to get it re-plated with rhodium every couple of years. Even if you skimp on the rhodium plating, you’ll still get a ring with mixed-tones of yellow and white.

"Hercules" Diamond Band

  • Rose Gold

For a trendier ring, you can select a metal like rose gold which gives off a rosy-red finish that is ideal for women’s engagement rings as well. A matching set of rose gold engagement rings for him and her would make a wonderful statement while giving off a youthful charm.

  • Silver

Though silver is not often used in engagement or wedding bands, it is still regarded as a precious metal and can be easily sourced – and it is very light on the budget. Silver gives off an understated appearance that is perfect for grooms-to-be that have a liking for muted tones.


  • Yellow Gold

    Meteorite Men's Ring


    Maybe the best known and most popular metal is yellow gold. Yellow gold is a precious metal and has been used in special ceremonies for centuries. A quick tip, when selecting yellow gold for your engagement band, make sure you select a 9-carat yellow gold ring as it’s much stronger than an 18-carat ring which contains a higher gold ratio, making it naturally softer.


    The Ring Profile

    Once you’ve determined which metal you prefer for his engagement ring, it’s time to decide on the profile. There are a number of ring profiles to choose from, especially if you’re thinking of getting a simple band with minimal detailing.

    • Classic Court

    For starters, there’s the classic court design. You’ll see this design most often because of its simplicity - and it gives off a modest effect. A ring with such a profile will be rounded overall because of its curved interior and exterior walls – and this design provides exceptional comfort as it has no hard edges.. This is most common among men who prefer a comfortable fit of a rounded ring.

    • D-Shape

    Another ring profile is the D-shape, which is pretty similar to the Classic Court because it has a rounded exterior. The interior, however, is flat to provide a profile that’s tight-fitting. This is a suitable profile for men who have a habit of being very active throughout the day because of how the flat interior keeps the ring from loosening.

    • Flat Court

    When he has a preference for a more contemporary look, then the modern and classic look of the flat court band would be an excellent choice. The flat court band is flat on its outer surface but to ensure comfort to the wearer, its surface is rounded on the inside. In other words, the Flat Court engagement band, because of its modern and streamlined features, is a great choice when you’re looking for that flat profile and an easy to wear ring.

    • Flat Rings

    While the Classic Court profile depicts timeless style and simplicity, it can seem outdated to men nowadays. That’s why flat rings with sharp corners, flat exterior and interiors are highly popular at the moment. Moreover, their clean surfaces allow for better customization and prominent detailing.

    The Design

    There was a time when men’s engagement rings were a simple band while women enjoyed almost too many designs to choose from. However, times have changed and nowadays many more different and unique designs and styles are available for male engagement rings, including textures and patterns.

    • High Polish

    If you’re selecting an engagement ring for someone who leans on the traditional side, then a simple band with a high polish will work just fine. This classic design is timeless and the polish gives any metal a premium look and reflective finish.


    • Matte Finish

    If a traditional high polish isn’t very fitting of his personality, then perhaps something a little softer should be considered. A matte finish, also referred to as a satin finish, is another popular choice for men’s engagement bands. A modern, matte finish seems to fit a quieter and introverted personality as it doesn’t stand out to much but is still perfect for men who love to stylize their ring.

    • Combinations

    There’s much more variety available to suit his distinct tastes; in case you’re opting for a mix of both polish and matte, combination rings will be a great preference, and you can choose as to what ratio of both textures you’d like as well.

    • Hammered Texture

    In terms of choosing different design features of the engagement ring, you can choose more than just the polish and select a distinctive texture. Rings with a hammered design have a textured surface that makes it look as if the metal has been pounded with a hammer from different angles. It gives off an effect that’s much more refreshing and eye-catching; perfect for the man in your life who has a taste for head-turning and attractive designs.

    • Precious Detailing

    When the man in your life has a very unique style you many want to consider precious detailing of his wedding band to compliment his unique style. This too highlights your unique and individualistic approach to selecting and complimenting your man’s engagement band. There are plenty stylish touches you could add to his ring such as precious gems and different colored diamonds within distinctive designs and patterns.

    • Pattern

    If you think that accenting his ring with gems would be too flashy for a personality like his then consider one of the many patterns available. A popular pattern that makes a distinct statement is the Celtic knot pattern. Whatever pattern you select, make sure to base it on your men’s unique style and personality.

    • Personalized Designs

    Choosing a special design or precious detailing will ensure that you have created a distinctive engagement band for the man in your life. However, if he is a person that rather prefers his ring to be understated than flashy, you can still make it very personal and unique by engraving a special message on it.


    By engraving a special date, initials, quote or maybe even his to-be bride’s fingerprint, you’ll end up with an engagement ring that’s just for him. And, if you want this detail to be private or something for him to show-off, you can choose for the engraving to be on the outside or inside of his band.



    The above are all factors that you should consider when selecting unique men’s engagement rings. Once you have all these aspects thoroughly thought out, it’ll be so much easier to select the engagement band that complements the man in your life the best. The important thing to remember is that there’s always a way to make his ring special and specific to his unique taste and personality.







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