Swoon-worthy Gifts for Your Five Year Anniversary

Silver necklace with a silver heart pendant

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Don’t want to stress over the perfect anniversary gift again? You can make it easy on yourself by choosing something that you know your partner will love. If that person is really special to you, we think a five-year anniversary is the ideal time to surprise him or her with something they won’t forget for a very long time.


If you are in a committed relationship and have been together for at least five years, then this means that you guys have made it through some serious stuff together. That being said, giving your partner the perfect present should be no challenge. But if you are running out of ideas, here are some ideas for sweet gifts for your five-year anniversary.


What Is the Fifth Year Anniversary Gift?

Silver necklace with a silver heart pendant

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different ideas about what to give for a five-year anniversary gift. The five-year wedding anniversary traditional gift is wood, but silver is a more appropriate and popular gift for long-term couples these days.


While some silver anniversary gifts are beautiful pieces of jewelry, there are plenty of other gifts you can choose that feature this precious metal. If your relationship is mature and thriving, then you can give silver as a gift because it represents commitment and lasting love.


If you and your partner are still dating and don’t have a lot of money to spend, a 5-year wedding anniversary gift of silver jewelry is a great choice. You can get many different silver pieces without spending a fortune.


A Beautiful Piece of Custom Jewelry

Custom pieces of jewelry are appropriate gifts on any anniversary, but a 5-year wedding anniversary jewelry gift is always fitting. You have been together long enough that your partner knows your taste and style. This means that you can choose a style of jewelry that is perfect for your partner.


When it comes to your 5-year wedding anniversary, you have a lot of options. On top of the silver we already mentioned, you can also go with the five-year anniversary stone (sapphire or turquoise), or even the five-year anniversary flower (daisy) in your jewelry designs. While wood being part of the jewelry would be ideal to keep up with the 5-year anniversary gift tradition, more modern couples do not worry themselves about traditional gifts, instead enjoying the minimalistic appeal of modern options.


You can also choose a design that is special to you two. As far as custom jewelry goes, there are so many different types of jewelry you can customize. Here are a few examples:

  • Customized rings - Perfect for an anniversary gift, a customized ring is a beautiful way to show your love and commitment. You can have the inside of the ring engraved with a special message.

  • Customized necklaces - Another beautiful and classic option for a custom gift, customized necklaces are simple yet meaningful.


Dinner Out At a Favorite Restaurant

A couple enjoying a romantic dinner and having fun

For some couples, there is no better gift than the chance to go out and spend some quality time together. If your partner loves to go out to eat, then this gift could be perfect. You can go out to eat at one of your partner’s favorite restaurants. Alternatively, you can take turns picking restaurants to go to.


Another wonderful option for your 5-year anniversary gift is to get nostalgic. If you met at a restaurant, set up a time to go back there and see how far you’ve come. It is great to be able to look back at where things started to where they are now and feel pride in how deep your bond is with each other.


An Experience Both Want and Have Talked About

If you have been together for five years, then you have probably talked about a lot of different things. One of those things could be an experience you both want but never have had the chance to participate in. Whatever the experience may be, it is something that you both want and are ready to participate in. Set up the appointment or make the plans. Show that you were listening and that you are willing to take that journey with them. Some five-year marriage gift ideas include:

  • Going parachuting

  • Go out for a picnic

  • Surprise them and renew your vows in front of friends and family

  • Go out for a couple’s spa day

  • Take a road trip

  • Sit out under the stars with a glass of wine

  • Have a bonfire

  • Get tattoos


Professional Class of Some Sort for Both to Partake In

Young Couple Taking A Photography Class Together

If your partner is interested in pursuing a professional class of some sort, then this gift could be perfect for your five-year anniversary. Depending on the type of class your partner wants to take, there may be some limitations as to what you can do. You may want to talk with some people who are closest to your partner (aside from you, of course) to find out any dreams he or she had that they could now partake in. Some ideas include:

  • Baking class

  • Hobby class

  • Cooking class

  • History class

  • Crafting class

  • Photography class


Romantic Trip Together

If you have the time and money, you can buy your partner the gift of a romantic trip together. You can choose to go anywhere in the world that your partner wants to go, If possible, you can even plan the trip around your anniversary date. That way, you have something special to celebrate and look forward to on your special date.


Other Ideas for the Perfect Gift

Just because some 5-year anniversary gifts are traditional, doesn’t mean you have to hold to tradition. Have some fun – making it five years with another human is a big accomplishment that should be celebrated and enjoyed.


Other options for the perfect gift include giving your partner something from their favorite movie or video game series. You can give them the newest game they are dying to play, or you can buy them the latest DVD or game that they have been waiting for.


You can give your partner a gift that they will use and appreciate every day. For example, you can buy your partner a new computer table so that they have somewhere comfortable to work and play.


Consider buying furniture for your home that you two can use together. This furniture may also pair with one of the earlier ideas, like buying a new table that you can craft at together, or buying a new loveseat where you can sit and go through the new pictures you two take together.


Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Years 6-9

Already celebrated your fifth anniversary and still have a few years before your tenth? Here’s a quick guide to the traditional and contemporary anniversary gifts that mark each of these years to help you celebrate your way to the next big milestone.


6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Six-year anniversary gifts vary by region. Couples who exchange traditional six-year anniversary gifts do so with gifts of iron in the US, and sugar in the UK.


Modern: The modern six-year anniversary gift is wood.


7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Gifts of wool or copper are the traditional gift for a seven-year anniversary.


Modern: The contemporary seven-year anniversary gift is a desk set.


8 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: The traditional material associated with eight-year anniversary gifts in the US is bronze. In the UK, salt is also a recognized custom.


Modern: Couples who embrace the contemporary tradition exchange gifts of linen or lace on their eight-year anniversary.


9 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: The US tradition marks the eighth anniversary with gifts of pottery, while the UK material is copper.


Modern: The contemporary nine-year anniversary gift is leather.


On the hunt for even more anniversary gift ideas for years 6-9? Read our ultimate anniversary gift guide and get anniversary gift ideas for every year.


Let Carats & Stones Help You Design Your Marriage or Anniversary Gift

A five-year anniversary is an important milestone, which means you need to get the perfect gift. Fortunately, there are many different options when it comes to gifts for this special occasion. Whether you decide to go with a custom piece of jewelry, an experience, or a romantic trip, you can be sure that your partner will love the gift you give them.


Now that you know what to look for in the perfect fifth-year anniversary gift, you can stop sifting through search results from your “What’s the five-year anniversary gift” search and start planning. Make the day as memorable as possible.


If you want help coming up with anniversary gift ideas with custom jewelry, turn to us here at Carats & Stones. We would love to help design custom jewelry that is as special as your partner is to you.





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