Ten Year Anniversary Gifts From Traditional to Trendsetting

ten year anniversary gift ideas

This day has been a decade in the making. Here's everything you need to know to find unforgettable gifts that will never go back in the box!


Celebrate your milestone year with a ten year anniversary gift that they are sure to love!

ten year anniversary gift ideas

Explore ten-year anniversary gifts that range from traditional to alternative and find the perfect gift for your perfect someone.



Wedding Anniversary Traditions


Common wedding anniversary traditions can be traced back to Medieval Germany where wreaths of silver or gold were exchanged to celebrate milestone anniversaries. These aren't the only traditions that have endured the relentless march of time, however, though they're more well-known than many others. Dutch couples, for example, celebrate their first milestone anniversary at 12.5 years.


What is the ten-year anniversary gift?

It's common in English speaking countries to mark the passage of each year of marriage with gifts or sentiments. In the early 20th century, the traditional anniversary gifts by year were supplemented with a contemporary list of gifts for each of the first sixty years of marriage. Both the traditional and modern gifts hold special meaning for the couples who exchange them, providing the foundation for incorporating shared customs and meaning through every year of your marriage. Traditionally, ten-year wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of tin or aluminum. The contemporary anniversary gift for ten years is diamond jewelry.


Ten Year Anniversary Gifts of Tin

Symbolizing durability and flexibility, tin and aluminum create a versatile canvas for a wide array of gifts. As with all of the traditional anniversary materials, the essence of the material may be incorporated physically or symbolically, so you can put to rest any fears you may have about receiving a tin can or aluminum foil at your ten year anniversary dinner.


Tin for Ten! Ten Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you happen to be the crafty type, thin sheets of tin or aluminum can serve as the foundation for a personal piece of punched tin art. You can also buy, or make, hammered tin jewelry for a unique and meaningful gift.


Perhaps the most famous piece of tin, the Tin Man was all about heart, even though he didn't have one. A romantic night in is easy to achieve with a tin of popcorn, a bottle of champagne, and a cozy spot in front of the television to snuggle up and watch the Wizard of Oz together.


If you and your partner would rather heed the call of the outdoors, a weekend anniversary camping trip, complete with new campsite cookware will give you the opportunity to enjoy nature and time together as you celebrate your first ten years as a married couple. For an outdoorsy gift with massive wow-factor that you will enjoy together for the decades to come, the aluminum construction of Airstream trailers is right in line with the traditional ten-year anniversary gift.


For anniversary gifts for every year from 1-60, make sure you check out our ultimate guide to anniversary gifts by year.


Modern Ten Year Anniversary Gifts of Diamond Jewelry

Traditionally, the 60 year anniversary is known as the Diamond Anniversary. This itself is an update to the previous custom that placed diamonds at 75 years. After Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee to mark the 60th anniversary of her coronation, however, it became customary to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary at 60 years.


Thanks to the contemporary list of anniversary gifts that began in 1937, however, couples get a sneak peek at their 60th anniversary celebration when they celebrate ten years of marriage with gifts of diamond jewelry.


Draped in Diamonds: 10 year anniversary gift ideas

10 year anniversary gift ideas

This anniversary has been ten years in the making. Celebrate in style with the modern ten year anniversary gift: diamond jewelry.

Just like the traditional gift of tin, diamonds are durable. What better way to celebrate the last ten years than with a gift as sturdy and beautiful as your relationship?

When it comes to diamond jewelry, the only limits are your imagination (and, maybe, your budget.) Three-stone anniversary rings offer stunning sparkle and symbolize your past, present, and future.


Anniversary bands and diamond eternity bands are also popular choices that you can add your own unique twist to, such as this rose gold and diamond anniversary band or black diamond anniversary ring.


Your options go beyond rings, of course. This diamond anniversary necklace—boasting ten diamonds, one for each year you've been married—will take her breath away.

"Brynne" Ring

"Lotte" Necklace

"Midnight" Eternity Band


If you are shopping for modern ten-year anniversary gifts, we have just the thing for you. We have put together a shoppable guide to make it easy for you! In it, you will find a selection of luxurious gifts that are steeped in style and promise to become cherished heirlooms. Browse through our galleries of ten-year anniversary necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to find the perfect gift for the one you love, or to find inspiration to design a custom anniversary gift.


Shop the Modern Ten Year Anniversary Gift Guide


Alternative Ten Year Anniversary Gifts: Shop by Gemstone, Color, or Flower


Shop by Gemstone, Color, or Flower

Use the ten year anniversary colors, flowers, and gemstones to find 100% unique ten-year anniversary gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face.


Some modern couples find that, while they love the meaning behind the conventional anniversary gift traditions, they simply do not align with their tastes or lifestyle. For these twenty-first century couples, the traditional anniversary gemstones, colors, and flowers may offer the flexibility they desire while still carrying the meaning behind the time-honored gift traditions.


10 year anniversary gemstone: Onyx or Green Tourmaline


If diamonds are not your thing but you still want to give a gift of jewelry, onyx and tourmaline are the alternate gemstones most commonly associated with 10th anniversaries. If you are shopping for a ten year anniversary gift for him, consider something similar to this bold yet elegant onyx ring, or a right hand ring with green tourmaline accents for her.


10 year anniversary color: Silver or Blue

If you are planning a party to celebrate your ten year anniversary, silver and blue are the traditional ten year anniversary colors you will want to include in your theme and decor. Their inspiration does not have to stop there, however.


Sometimes, as much as you would love to stick with traditions, the traditional anniversary gift material for the year falls a bit flat for you. You can choose to pay no heed to the traditions at all, but why not adopt them in a way that incorporates the sentiment of the tradition in a new way? Incorporating the traditional anniversary colors into your gift can open up a new host of anniversary gift options that can be personalized to your partner’s style and taste.

"Liza" Eternity Band

"Cassiopeia" Right Hand Ring

"Madeleine" Blue Topaz Earrings

Explore the ways in which the ten year anniversary colors open new doors to gifts that combine modern sophistication with traditional meaning in our shoppable anniversary guides. The ten year anniversary colors, silver and blue, afford you the flexibility to shop for silver-colored gifts, blue gifts, or even gifts that combine both hues into one piece of unforgettably stylish jewelry.


Shop the Guide: Beautiful Blue Ten Year Anniversary Gifts

Shop the Stunning in Silver Ten Year Anniversary Gift Guide


10 year anniversary flower: Daffodil

Daffodils Bouquet - Carats & Stones

Traditional anniversary flowers are an excellent gift to send to friends and family who are celebrating milestone anniversaries. You can also use them to inspire the gifts you exchange with your partner. A simple yet meaningful ten year anniversary gift might include a bouquet of daffodils and a card with a heartfelt, handwritten anniversary quote.



Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Years 11-19

The traditional list of anniversary gifts includes the first fifteen wedding anniversaries and then marks each fifth year after that with a conventional gift material. Couples celebrating anniversaries 16-19 don't have to wait until their 20th anniversary to pick back up with tradition, however. The modern gift list marks every year from 1-60!


11 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 11 Year Anniversary Gift: Steel

Modern 11 Year Anniversary Gift: Fashion Jewelry


12 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 12 Year Anniversary Gift: Silk

Modern 12 Year Anniversary Gift: Pearls or Colored Gems


13 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 13 Year Anniversary Gift: Lace

Modern 13 Year Anniversary Gift: Textiles or Furs


14 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 14 Year Anniversary Gift: Ivory

Modern 14 Year Anniversary Gift: Gold Jewelry


15 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 15 Year Anniversary Gift: Crystal

Modern 15 Year Anniversary Gift: Watches


16 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 16 Year Anniversary Gift: N/A

Modern 16 Year Anniversary Gift: Silver Holloware


17 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 17 Year Anniversary Gift: N/A

Modern 17 Year Anniversary Gift: Furniture


18 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 18 Year Anniversary Gift: N/A

Modern 18 Year Anniversary Gift: Porcelain


19 Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 19 Year Anniversary Gift: N/A

Modern 19 Year Anniversary Gift: Bronze


For even more gift guidance, including the gemstones, colors, and flowers for years 11-19, be sure to read our ultimate anniversary gift guide.



Get Help Finding the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Whether you're shopping for a vintage anniversary band, a diamond anniversary ring, or want to design a custom piece of jewelry, incorporating traditional and contemporary customs can help your gift capture the message you hope to deliver. Enlisting the help of a trusted jeweler will help you understand your options and invest in gifts that your spouse will treasure before passing them down to the next generation.


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