Wedding Anniversary Guide



It’s not uncommon to receive an invitation to an anniversary party celebrating a milestone anniversary for friends or relatives. The recommendations for anniversary gifts by year may also be applied to gifts from friends and family. 


When shopping for anniversary gifts for grandparents, parents, or friends, apply the same approach you would when buying for your partner and consider the couple as well as the tradition, rather than relying on tradition alone.

The 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents who love to entertain might incorporate an element of this shared interest into a golden anniversary gift of gold-rimmed serving dishes or stemware. Meanwhile, a more appropriate approach to 50th-anniversary gift ideas for your friends who spend every spare moment traveling might be an engraved gold compass.  


While it is in line with modern etiquette for guests (except for the hosts) of an anniversary party to bring a gift for the couple, anniversary gifts are neither expected nor necessary outside of a planned celebration. Parents and grandparents who wish to present their children and grandchildren with gifts for their anniversaries are of course, however, welcome to do so.

Younger couples, especially, may still be starting their lives together or be looking to upgrade some of the items they’ve been using since their dorm room days. A set of quality Egyptian cotton towels tucked into a wicker laundry basket, for example, might be precisely the anniversary gift that your daughter and her partner are hoping to receive so they can do away with the rough, threadbare towels they each brought with them when combining their homes.

Even a well-established couple is likely to have wish list items that they haven’t acquired. A wooden salad bowl set might delight your grandson and his partner for their five year anniversary if they don’t have one already. Similarly, a silver tea set to commemorate your daughter’s 25th wedding anniversary may be precisely what she and her partner were hoping for.


Even with every possible resource at your fingertips, you may still find yourself lacking inspiration for the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Consider asking for the advice of your spouse’s friends and family if you feel the need for additional insight.

If you’re shopping for jewelry, consulting with your trusted jeweler will help you narrow down your choices and incorporate modern and traditional elements. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your taste and budget, from vintage anniversary rings to 3 stone diamond anniversary rings and gold anniversary bands. A local jeweler whom you know and trust is your best bet to navigate your options and find the perfect anniversary gift to celebrate each year of your marriage.

If you haven’t yet developed a relationship with a jeweler, an anniversary is a perfect time to seek one out. After getting to know you, your partner, and your tastes, they’ll be available year after year to help you build upon jewelry investments and coordinate future gifts with those you’ve bought in the past.

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