Set in a light-filled, casually elegant showroom on San Francisco’s famous Union Street, Carats and Stones is the continuation of a long family history in the San Francisco jewelry business. Spawned from the success of its flagship store, KTD Jewelers established in 1978, this contemporary San Francisco jewelry store combines the esteemed legacy of traditional jewelry making techniques with the most current trends in high-end design to offer jewelry pieces unmatched in quality and artistry.

     Whether you’re looking for an exquisite gift for a loved one, shopping for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, or considering a little bit of bling to put on your own wish list, Carats and Stones invites you inside to browse their breathtaking display of unique pieces handcrafted in San Francisco from premium metals using the finest conflict-free gemstones, each designed to be worn with pride for a lifetime.

Carats and Stones is Your San Francisco Custom Jeweler

     Beyond providing unique custom jewelry, the staff at Carats and Stones are committed to cultivating lifetime relationships with clients. Linda Kha, owner, curator, and designer, welcomes visitors to venture inside her beautiful San Francisco jewelry showroom, where you’ll be encouraged to participate fully in the process of choosing or creating the perfect jewelry for your needs.

     Perhaps over a cup of tea in the privacy of the cozy, adjoining garden foyer, you and your loved ones can take the time you need to fully appreciate the variety of designs and styles available. While you explore the one-of-a-kind jewelry on display, the friendly, expert jewelers on staff will invite you to ask questions, share your story, and include your personal design ideas, offering you the uniquely individualized experience that defines custom jewelry.

     Whether you’re visiting San Francisco jewelers as part of a special weekend or considering a new piece to add to a collection, Carats and Stones looks forward to being a part of your most cherished moments, both present and future.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and More

     Carats and Stones’ display cases are adorned with a stunning variety of the finest jewelry pieces, from blue diamond earrings set in black rose gold, to ammolite and amazonite drop necklaces and black diamond bangles. Whatever your heart’s desire, you’ll likely find it here, and if not, we’ll simply create it for you.

The Custom Design Process

     If you’ve already decided what you’re looking for and you’re ready to transform it from idea to reality, Carats and Stones will work with you through every step of the creative design process. From helping you choose the perfect metals and gemstones to discussing the structural details of the design, our expert jewelers will listen carefully to incorporate your ideas, your lifestyle, and your budget, ultimately creating a distinctive, cherished piece that will last forever.

Wedding and Anniversary Rings

     Carats and Stones has a wide variety of timeless wedding and anniversary bands for men and women, ranging from the simple to the sublime. Whether you’re looking to create a diamond band, a rose gold band or something uniquely exquisite, our jewelers will guide you in choosing or designing a stand-alone band, or one that will complement an existing engagement ring.

     Our engagement ring and wedding band sets are designed to celebrate your personal taste. Some of the most current wedding band trends include clashing metal colors and unique shapes, stacking twin styles together to create a thicker-looking band, or sandwiching your engagement ring in between.

     To celebrate the years you’ve shared together, consider an anniversary ring for him or her. Our jewelers will work with you to create an enduring emblem of commitment and love, with the added personal touches of your choice.

Repurposing and Renovation

     If you’ve been meaning to update an outdated piece, or you’re looking to renovate a cherished antique, the experts at Carats and Stones will guide you through the many possibilities for repurposing and renovating metals and gemstones. Honoring the many and varied emotions tied to jewelry, our designers will help you transform your keepsakes from the past into contemporary treasures through anything from the simplest style update to a complete makeover -- whatever you and your gems desire. Jewelry repurposing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to give old pieces new life.

Our Reputation is Our Most Valued Asset

     Carats and Stones is proud of its well-established reputation in the San Francisco jewelry world due to its decades-long presence as a premier curator, procurer, and designer of the finest jewelry made of the highest quality metals and stones. From custom engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, and bracelets to repurposed and renovated estate jewelry -- everything at Carats and Stones is handmade right here in San Francisco, California. Think of us as your family’s personal custom jeweler. We’re looking forward to a lifetime together.