Frequently Asked Questions


Location & Hours

Location: 1833 Union St, 94123. (Between Laguna and Octavia)

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 5:30 PM

Is this still KTD Jewelers?

Yes, this is Carats and Stones by KTD. We moved to Cow Hollow pre-pandemic; Linda and Jackie are still here.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes! We recommend parking at the garage next to Wells Fargo garage. There is metered street parking, and some residential parking in the neighborhoods nearby. 


Can you repair jewelry?

Yes! Here is information on all repairs.

How long do repairs take?

Repairs typically take 2-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are.

Do you repurpose heirloom jewelry?

Yes! Here is information on repurposing jewelry.

Can you create something custom for me?

Yes! Here is information on designing a custom piece. 

How much do custom jobs cost?

This really depends on what you’re wanting to create. Simply re-setting a stone would be a few hundred dollars, but creating a brand new ring can be thousands of dollars. Come by our shop or contact us for a free consultation!

Do you resize rings?

Yes! Here is information on all repairs.

Do you sell / re-sell watches?

No, we do not carry watches and we do not re-sell.

Can you fix my watch/change my watch batteries?

Yes! Here is information on watch repairs. We are certified to take in Rolex watches for repairs.

Will you buy my jewelry?

No, we do not buy jewelry. 

Can I sell you my gold?

We melt gold and can offer scrap-metal pricing if you’d like to bring it in. 

Do you do trade-ins or stone upgrading?

No, we do not do trade-ins, stone upgrading, or any such things.

Do you make grills or gold teeth?

We do not!

Can you restring my pearls or beads?

Yes, we can! Here is information on repairs.


What do I need to bring to pick up my repair / special order / custom job?

We ask that you bring your pick-up receipt and your ID. If you cannot find the receipt, the ID will suffice!

I can’t make it to the shop to pick up my repair / custom job / special order. Can I send someone else to get it?

This depends. If you and the other person are both on the account, either of you can come pick it up. For security reasons, only people on the account are allowed to pick up items. 

Is there parking nearby?

Yes! We recommend parking at the garage next to Wells Fargo garage. There is metered street parking, and some residential parking in the neighborhoods nearby. 


Does Carats & Stones do returns or exchanges?

We do not offer returns, but you can return unaltered, unworn items within 14 days of purchasing for in-store credit. For custom and special orders there are no exchanges - all sales are final.

Can you do an appraisal for my jewelry?

We offer complimentary appraisals for purchases over $1,500. We do not offer appraisals for items that have not come from Carats & Stones / KTD. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding appraisals.

Does Carats & Stones have a warranty or guarantee?
  1. We have warranty for manufacturing defects, but this does not cover regular wear and tear. We recommend getting jewelry insurance to cover the wear & tear!
  2. Carats & Stones has a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects, but this also does not cover normal wear and tear. 
Can I pay for something on layaway?

Yes! We have a maximum 60 day layaway policy.

Are your diamonds sourced ethically?

Yes! Every one of our stones goes through the Kimberly Process [hyperlink toThe Kimberley Process (KP) | KimberleyProcess]. It is very important for us as a business to ensure our stones are ethically and humanely sourced. 

Do you offer jewelry insurance?

We partner with Zillion who specializes in personal jewelry insurance that provides worldwide coverage against theft, total loss, accidental damage, and disappearance. Clients can get a free, no-obligation insurance quote at purchase and enjoy 10 days of coverage while they decide. Customers may also be able to get insurance covered through their homeowners/renters insurance policy. Carats & Stones has a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, but this is not insurance. 

You may contact Zillion by email at, by phone at (844) 699-4554 or via the website at