The display cases at Carats and Stones showcase a stunning array of colored diamond engagement rings, including black diamond, yellow diamond, and blue diamond rings.

High quality colored diamonds are known as fancy-colored diamonds, and our unique variety engagement rings featuring fancy colored diamonds are guaranteed to excite your senses as you begin the journey of your engagement.

Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common fancy colored diamonds are brown and yellow, but there are also red diamonds and green diamonds (the least common), as well as orange, pink, blue, purple and gray. With fancy colored diamonds, factors such as the hue, tone and saturation (purity of the color) are important considerations. In all cases, even very slight color differences can have a big impact on the value of the diamond.

Brown Diamond Engagement Rings

Brown is the most common fancy diamond color, often described as “cognac” or “champagne.” Many vintage engagement rings can be found with brown diamonds as the center stone, as the brown diamond has a long history of use for engagement rings.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow is diamond’s second most common fancy color, with many variations of the yellow hue. One of the less expensive colored diamonds, the cut of the yellow diamond can intensify the color in diamonds that are toward the lower end of the color-grading scale.

Green Diamond Engagement Rings

Natural green diamonds get their color from exposure to radioactive rocks, and are extremely rare.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue diamonds are are also extremely rare; therefore a blue diamond engagement ring will always make a high impact statement. Blue diamonds generally have a slight hint of gray, and are rarely a highly saturated deep blue, such as the color of blue sapphires.

Red and Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings featuring diamonds with red or reddish colors are extremely rare and highly valued.

No matter the color or size of diamond you’re searching for, Carats and Stones can locate it for you.