The solitaire ring setting has been the number one setting choice since it was first introduced in the late 1800s. A solitaire ring design is one that features a single gemstone -- the “solitary” stone -- mounted on a band.

The Tiffany setting is probably the most recognizable solitaire design. However, there are other solitaire designs like the bezel, flush, arched or tension settings -- all of which have beautiful features to consider.

Because the solitaire ring is a relatively simple setting, it costs much less to fabricate than other types of rings. So for those who are shopping on a budget, the solitaire design is often the best option. It’s simple, elegant and affordable.

But don’t be confused -- the solitaire engagement ring isn’t basic and simple by definition. It’s quite possible to create a stunningly extravagant design set with a single diamond. This is merely the best starting point for someone interested in a minimalistic design.

One of the most wonderful attributes of the solitaire setting is that it showcases a diamond’s brilliance by allowing the stone to receive as much light as possible. And unlike other types of setting designs that require a complementary diamond shape, solitaire designs can be adapted to all types of diamond shapes and sizes.

Solitaire designs are classic, and as a fashion statement, are enduring and timeless.

What to consider in a solitaire engagement ring

When choosing the type of solitaire setting, the two key design choices to consider are the ring’s thickness and its material.

The thickness of a ring affects the optical presentation of the diamond. For example, a small center diamond can be made to appear larger when the shank of the ring is tapered. A thinner band is also preferable for someone with smaller fingers, since it won’t bog down the finger.

Stack rings (multiple complementary diamond bands) work beautifully with solitaires. This offers the versatility of dressing your engagement ring up or down for any occasion, or adding a diamond band for a special anniversary.

They keep wear and tear to a minimum by not having large areas with intricate metalwork