Engagement Rings for Him – Selecting the Right One!

Engagement Rings for Him – Selecting the Right One!

Engagement Rings for Him – Selecting the Right One!

Did you know that there are several countries where it is tradition for the men to wear male engagement bands?


Take a look at Brazil. During the engagement period both the men and women wear a plain wedding band on their right hands. Once the wedding vows have been exchanged the bands are moved over to left hands. Another example is Argentina. During the engagement both wear a silver band on their left hand and following the wedding the engagement bands are replaced with wedding rings.


This begs the question, why should you be interested in Male Engagement Rings?

For those who are into the tradition that engagement rings are for women only they may find it a little strange to be talking about male engagement rings. After all, the normal procedure is for the man to ask the woman to marry him. Then to symbolise this as a commitment the man buys his fiancé an

engagement ring.

But, we live in a world now where traditions are less followed and new experiences and customs are created almost daily. As such, many brides to be are now making their commitment to the upcoming marriage equally known by buying an engagement ring for the love of their lives. And now they too share in the experience of searching for engagement rings for him and choosing the one that seems to be the most appropriate.


What do the British Isles, Male Engagement Bands and Leap Year have in Common?

Meteorite Men's Ring



If a woman is from the British Isles then a leap year may be a very important occurrence - and this goes back hundreds of years when the leap year day had no recognition in English law. Because this day had no legal status it was thus decided that a break in tradition on this day was acceptable. Therefore on the 29th February of each leap year women have the opportunity to ask the men of their dreams to marry them. To make this official she can choose from a variety of engagement bands for him to present him with at the time of the proposal.


Interestingly, this is no longer a custom reserved to the British Isles. Nor is it one that is just restricted to leap years. Many women feel that they should have equal opportunities when it comes to asking their beau to marry them. As such, it is creating a whole new tradition as well as an opportunity for the jewelry industry to craft new and innovative engagement jewelry for men


Choosing the Right Male Engagement Bands

Once the decision has been made that the groom to be should symbolise the marriage commitment it is time to start looking at engagement jewelry for him. And, believe you me; there are some beautiful selections to choose from. One of the first choices is to decide between a flashier jewel studded engagement ring for him or a more understated but still very elegant engagement band. Whatever your choice, male engagement rings and bands are almost a new tradition!


And who makes the final decision? It seems at this stage that the final decision on what to buy is still determined by the man’s personal preference. Although the fiancées are doing all the legwork and want to surprise the man of their dreams, the final selection still rest with him to choose from the growing collection of male engagement bands available.


Engagement Rings for Him – Styles, Metals and Stones

Meteorite Men's Ring - Carats & Stones



When the decision has been made to choose from an existing collection of engagement rings for him then style is going to be important. As usual, there will be several different styles to choose from. Let’s look at a few:

  • Modern Engagement Rings for Him

These engagement rings for him are usually comprised of different types of metal and colors. Some may have a pattern embedded into them while others may have different types of gemstones intricately placed throughout the band of the ring.

  • Classic Engagement Jewelry for Him

Men who prefer a classic style of engagement ring for their fiancées will most probably opt for this same style for themselves. The classic style makes use of more jewels and gemstones in the design and decoration where they are often placed across the complete band of the ring.

  • Male Engagement Bands

Male engagement bands tend to have a simpler and cleaner look and feel to them and often utilize different metals to make a statement. For those who want to select an engagement band for him there are an ever increasing selection available. From yellow gold to white gold, palladium to titanium, silver to zirconium, and tungsten to wood. These rings come in different finishes that range again from a highly polished mirror finish to a partly polished partly sandblasted stardust finish. For men who appreciate a subtle statement of style and quality, male engagement bands may be just the answer.


Fitting His Engagement and Wedding Ring

Male Engagement Ring - Carats & Stones



One of the challenges that come with engagement rings for the guys is what to do with his engagement ring after the marriage. In most cases, because of the width of engagement and wedding rings, it will be difficult to stack up the engagement ring with the wedding ring. However, a solution is always available. One popular solution is to switch the engagement ring to the right hand before the wedding vows are read and wedding rings exchanged.


In summary, engagement rings symbolize the first bond couples are making with each other. It is their visual statement that a commitment of marriage has been made. What better way then can there be than to both shows their love and commitment to each other with mutual engagement rings?


If you have any questions regarding engagement rings or engagement bands for him, please do not hesitate to connect with us at (415) 875-9438. Or, if you are ready for a fitting, please book a time here for a complimentary jewelry consultation.







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