"Akurra" Snake Ring

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The Akurra ring features 1.64 carats of diamonds set in yellow gold. The combination of pear, oval, marquise, and rose cut diamonds captures the essence of a snake. Each different facet catches the light and creates the illusion of movement as it sparkles. This stunning design features a single round yellow diamond nestled in the end of the tail, with glimmering pavé set diamonds throughout.

Discover the captivating symbolism of snakes, revered for their profound significance across cultures and history. Representing transformation and rebirth, the snake embodies the essence of renewal and personal growth, inspiring us to shed old skin and embrace new beginnings. As a symbol of healing and medicine, the snake's venom is seen as a potent elixir, offering protection against malevolent forces. Renowned for their wisdom and keen awareness, snakes remind us to approach life with mindfulness and intuition, guiding us on a path of enlightenment. With their dual nature, snakes symbolize the intricate balance between opposing forces, serving as a reminder of life's inherent complexities. Explore the timeless allure of snake symbolism, a testament to the enduring power and mystique of these mesmerizing creatures.


  • Metal Type: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Primary Stone: 66 diamonds - 1.64 carats total
1 Colours

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